Cracks by Caroline Green

Caroline Green

Short listed for the Essex Book Awards 2013, The South Lanarkshire Book Awards, The Leeds Book Awards and The Sefton Super Reads Book Award.  Long listed for the Sussex Coast Schools Amazing Book Award 2013, the Stockport Schools Book Award and the Oldham Book Award (see reviews below)

Who do you trust when your whole life is a lie? Cal’s world splinters apart when he finds out he’s been in a deliberately induced coma state for most of his life, and what he thought was real was only an illusion. Escaping his captors, Cal goes on the run, determined to fight the forces behind the nightmare he finds waiting for him in the real world, and to discover his true identity.

A tense and gripping thriller where nothing is as it seems, from a talented new author whose writing cuts straight to the bone – spiky, uncompromising and deeply moving.

‘If you devoured The Hunger Games, (this) will hit the spot.
Green’s fast-paced thriller is a standalone novel, and you’re on 
her hero’s side all the way…entertaining, funny and thoughtfu
Amanda Craig, The Times

‘Caroline Green’s thriller is taut and suspense-packed 
right up to the last page.’

Financial Times

‘Beautifully crafted, fast-paced thriller in which nothing is as it seems. 
More like this please.’

The Independent

‘A gripping story, impossible to put down.
Green cranks up the tension with every page.’
L.A. Weatherley

‘Grabbed me from the very start.
There were several scenes that had me holding my breath
as I turned the page.
An action-packed, stunning and gripping dystopian thriller.’

‘Caroline Green cranks up the tension masterfully, making you as breathless as if you were on the run. As with all good dystopia, the settings are familiar and yet strange … An action-fuelled, clever and engaging thriller.’
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