Skulk by Rosie Best

A contemporary, urban, shapeshifting, fantasy, set in London, Skulk is sharp and imaginative and sixteen-year-old Meg a singular heroine:  ”Escaping the gilded prison of her gated house and her ambitious mother’s vicious treatment, Meg finds freedom at night in the streets of London as a graffiti artist. Stumbling across an injured fox who shifts to his human form in death, Meg acquires a precious stone.  She also acquires his shift and a short-lived moment of freedom in a body she no longer loathes.  Her discovery that she is not alone, there are five other foxes in the Skulk, four other shapeshifting groups: the Rabble (butterflies) the Horde (rats), the Conspiracy (ravens) and the Cluster (spiders) and an evil force trying to destroy them all, catapults Meg into a dangerous world where she will have to fight like she has never done in her life to try and save those she loves.

Rosie Best is an editor at Working Partners and the author of two series for them, Secret Ninja Spies by Alex Ko (Usborne) and The Last Apprentice by Imogen Rossi (Hot Keys) of which the first title, The Disappearing Duchess was published in July.Skulk was as you may recall, one of the twelve Undiscovered Voices titles to appear in the 2012 Anthology.

PUBLISHED: 1st October 2013 by Strange Chemistry

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