The Boy from France by Hilary Freeman

The third story in the Camden Town Tales series.  When Vix discovers that her exchange student is a boy, she Rosie and Sky can’t wait to see what he’s like.  Xavier it turns out  is drop-dead-gorgeous but Vix isn’t the only one who thinks so.  Manon, who has wowed Rosie with her french chic, is also keen.   When gossip about Vix and Xavier starts flying around the school, Rosie, Sky and Vix have to decide what to do. And then something really serious happens…  Published 19th December 2012 (Piccadilly Press)

“Oh, how I love the Camden Town Tales.  It’s a good look at all types of teen-girl relationships – with parents, with friends, with schoolmates and less-than-mates, with boys… and with themelves.  The girls work through many problems, with London’s Camden Town itself always providing a colourful, entertaining backdrop to the action.” - Luisa Chicklish

Liverpool Echo review 21/01/2013:


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