There’s A Hamster in my Pocket by Franzeska Ewart

Yosser’s having a worrying summer.  Her family’s shop is struggling and Auntie Shabnam is coming to stay to sort things out.  Which means Yosser having to share a room with Nani!  But Kylie’s family are not without problems either.  He Mum is about to turn 40 and her big brother Sniper is behaving very suspiciously indeed.   And when Yosser discovers a mysterious box among Nani’s things, she begins to suspect that it is at the root of all the bad luck.  Can Yosser and Kylie get to the bottom of Sniper’s strange behaviour, find the perfect present for Kylie’s Mum, solve the mystery of the locked wooden box and all without loosing Kylie’s hamsters?… Published January 2011 (Frances Lincoln). Shortlisted for the Scottish Children’s Book Awards 2011 and selected for the Richard and Judy Book Club.

Reviews: “Sensitive and funny” -The Guardian; “This is a buzzy, good read, full of funny twists and turns that all end up well” - Armadillo Magazine


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