Spike and Ali Enson by Malaika Rose Stanley Spike and Ali Enson

Everyone loves Spike’s baby brother Ali. He’s so cute even the school bullies want to babysit him. But Spike isn’t so sure. Ali’s poo is bright green and his soft, brown skin looks scaly. Yes, there’s definitely something strange about

Aunt Severe and the Dragons by Nick Garlick Aunt Severe and the Dragons

Nick Garlick and Nick Malland When Daniel’s explorer parents vanish, he is sent to live with his strict and rather strange Aunt Severe. And his problems only get worse when he finds four lost dragons in her garden. But before

Skin Deep by Malaika Rose Stanley Malaika Rose Stanley

When 13 year old Brummie babe Destiny enters the Bright Sparks beauty contest behind her (ex-model) Mum’s back, she is determined to prove she has talent and brains and that she is not just a pretty face. Together with her

Dark Ride by Caroline Green Caroline Green

Winner of the inaugural Rona Book Award for YA fiction 2012. Bel and her mother have just moved to Slumpton, a rundown seaside town complete with an abandoned, rusting funfair. Feeling angry and out of place (her father hasn’t moved

Enemy Invasion A.G. Taylor

Back with HIDRA, working to find a cure for the virus, the race is on for Sarah, Robert and the other superhuman kids as The Entity, the alien who first brought the fall virus to earth, prepares another attack with

Alien Storm A.G. Taylor

An action-packed sequel to Meteorite Strike which finds Sarah and the other superhuman kids in hiding from HIDRA. Bumping into Alex, a boy who uses his powers of invisibility to rob banks, leads them to the distant wilds of Russia

Meteorite Strike A.G. Taylor

  The first in the Superhuman trilogy. When their plane crashes in the Australian desert, Sarah and Robert are sure that their number is up. But as they discover, this is no ordinary air disaster and it’s only the beginning

Camden Town Tales: Stuck on Me Hilary Freeman

In the second CTT story, Sky becomes obsessed by two quite different but not unconnected things; the size of her nose and finding her dad, a musician who left home when Sky was eight. Against her mum’s wishes, she manages

Camden Town Tales: The Celeb Next Door Hilary Freeman

The first title in a new series, stories about friendship and celebrities set against the vibrant backdrop of Camden Town where best friends Rosie, Sky and Vix have grown up. When the drummer from a chart-topping band moves in next

Don’t Ask Hilary Freeman

Frustrated by Jack’s refusal to talk about his past, Lily creates a fake identity on a networking site to find out for herself. But lies lead to more lies and soon Lily’s spot of light detective work gets out of

Loving Danny Hilary Freeman

Naomi is lonely and bored stiff working at a firm of solicitor’s during her gap year. But everything changes when she bumps into Danny on a bus on her way home from work. He’s charming, charismatic and gorgeous and plays

Lifted Hilary Freeman

Ruby is a little bit bored and a bit lost too. Being one of the in-crowd and having a cool boyfriend isn’t enough. Something is missing. And then she discovers shoplifting and what starts as minor act of rebellion becomes